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The Asia Literacy Challenge is a flexible teaching program that provides a three-tier learning platform.

The Asia Literacy Challenge

consists of 50 multiple choice questions on Asia, drawn from world geography and world history curricula, that engage students in developing and practicing essential research and analytical skills as they search for answers using the school library and/or the Internet and analyzing maps, graphs, and other reference materials that are embedded in the challenge questions.

Asia Literacy In Depth

provides the opportunity for students to pursue their topics of interest from the Asia Literacy Challenge through more in-depth research and knowledge-building, with students demonstrating their knowledge and understanding via presentations in a format of their choice (e.g., PPT or Google slides, video, tri-fold board, printed brochure, etc.).

Asia Literacy Attitudes

enable teachers to engage students in discussions and debates, addressing key concepts and issues raised in the Asia Literacy Challenge. In the process, students hone their critical thinking, communication, and metacognitive skills as they form and articulate points of view, and learn through self-discovery, knowledge, reflection, and by considering the perspectives of others.

Upon completion students will be educated about Asian history, geography, cultures, economies, and current affairs; be more knowledgeable and confident about global issues; know how to find information and to analyze and interpret that information; know how to communicate their knowledge and understanding to others; and be inspired to use their skills to continue learning.

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Engage your students in exploring Asia’s rich history and culture, its diverse geography, and its dynamic contemporary society all without leaving the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what grades can I use the Asia Literacy Challenge? – There are separate programs for World Geography (geared toward U.S. grades 6-8) and World History (geared toward U.S. grades 9-12); however, teachers can easily adapt both materials for use at grade levels 6-12.
  • How do I register?  You can register online or by sending an email to
  • How much does it cost? Teachers can register free of charge with Asia Wise and they along with their students gain access to ten-question quizzes spanning such subjects as geography, history and culture. Teachers wanting to increase their students’ knowledge of Asia, should register with the Asia Literacy Challenge, consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, each intended to stimulate research and discussion. The cost is US$5 per student plus a one-time school admin fee of US$40. See pricing.
  • When is registration due? – The Asia Literacy Challenge can be used at any time during the school year.  You need to register two weeks before you wish to use the program.
  • When can we participate? – Anytime.
  • How do schools use The Asia Literacy Challenge? – Powerful applications seen by schools include:
    • Introductory unit on Asia – a great scene-setter as they prepare to study Asia
    • Capstone for existing units – a break, and stimulation for deeper understanding of Asia
    • Stand alone program – augment an identified lack of Asian content in your syllabus
    • As the basis for a Depth Study project
    • To stimulate class discussions and debates
    • As the stimulus for an in-depth research report
  • How much time does it take?  It depends on whether you use one tier/level or all three. The Asia Literacy Challenge takes 2-3 hours, Asia Literacy In-Depth 8 – 10 hours (most of this time spent by students doing their independent work), and Asia Literacy Attitudes 3 – 4 hours.


We found the flexible timing great. We were able to fit Asia Wise in around a lot of other activities at the end of term. Cat Jones

Head of Humanities, Mentone Girls Secondary College, Melbourne.

The Asia Wise Challenge has brought glowing reports about History and Geography to our school. Students are beginning to see more relevance and fun in the humanities. Robyn Coase-Willis

Emmaus College, Jimboomba

A great competition! The students really enjoyed doing it. Colleen Carr

SOSE Coordinator, Mt Aspiring College, Queensland, Australia.

Our students enjoyed the Asia Wise Competition. Feedback on schools progress in relation to state for each category was useful. Roslyn Allison

Principal, Glenmore State School, Queensland, Australia.

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